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Privacy Policy

At SEMIHUMAN Ideas Think Tank (owned by "Forem", Ltd). data protection and confidentiality are a high priority. ___ This privacy policy sets out clear guidelines for how SEMIHUMAN processes your personal data. Further, we explain how we use the personal data that you leave and/or provide when you visit our website and use the various services on the website.

Data controller & contact information

This website is operated and owned by:

SEMIHUMAN Ideas Think Tank

(legal name "Forem", Ltd)
Rotušės a. 16-7A, LT-62141
Alytus, Lithuania

VAT no.: LT100014133910
Phone: +370 62211141


Collection of personal data

You will always be informed in connection with the collection of personal data about you. ___ The personal data collected by us may include, for instance, your name, your email address, similar identification data, information about an online purchase, and about your navigation on the website. ___ In connection with the submission of your data it will always be stated whether the submission is voluntary or necessary for completing the desired action, such as the completion of a transaction in our web shop.

Your personal data is collected in one or several of the below cases:

  • When you make a purchase

  • When you subscribe to the newsletter

  • When you participate in competitions or surveys

  • When you make a return or exchange request

  • When you contact us


Use of personal data

Personal data is collected and will be used in connection with:

  • Completion of orders in our webshop

  • Sign-ups for newsletter

  • Management of customer records

  • Participation in competitions and/or other events

  • Send-outs of other marketing material, including invitations to events

  • Collection and evaluation of consumer reviews

  • Statistics

  • Other marketing initiatives

Please note, that we will only use your personal data to send marketing material if you prior have given your explicit consent unless legislation allows us to contact you without your prior consent. ___ SEMIHUMAN keeps statistics about which areas of the site our users visit and which products the users prefer. This data does not contain personal data. Knowledge about the users’ use of the website is gained with help from the collected data. ___ This information is used to improve the website. We do use data about how our users navigate, to better understand how our users use, and from that we try to improve the website. ___ We are not able to see where you come from or where you are going on the Internet after you leave our site. Furthermore, we collect information about what products our users, as a unit, prefer. This information is also used to improve the website. We do not sell or otherwise disclose information about how our users navigate and use our website. We do not sell or disclose information about your purchase history to a third party.


Transfer to other data controllers

Our store is hosted on Wix (Editor X) platform. They provide us with an online e-commerce platform that allows us to sell our products and services to you. ___ Your data is stored through Wix data storage, databases and the general Wix application. They store your data on a secure server behind a firewall.

In general, the third-party providers used by us will only collect, use and disclose your information to the extent necessary to allow them to perform the services they provide to us. ___ However, certain third-party service providers, such as payment gateways and other payment transaction processors, have their own privacy policies in respect to the information we are required to provide to them for your purchase-related transactions. ___ For these providers, we recommend that you read their privacy policies so you can understand the manner in which your personal information will be handled by these providers.


Disclosure to data processors

Your personal data is disclosed to partners of SEMIHUMAN who deliver services on behalf of SEMIHUMAN, for example in relation to send-outs of newsletters. These partners only process the personal data on behalf of SEMIHUMAN and in accordance with the instructions of SEMIHUMAN.


Transfer to third countries


Certain providers may be located in or have facilities that are located in a different jurisdiction than either you or us. So if you elect to proceed with a transaction that involves the services of a third-party service provider, then your information may become subject to the laws of the jurisdiction(s) in which that service provider or its facilities are located.


Deletion of personal data


We will delete your personal data when we no longer need to process them in relation to one or more of the purposes set out above under the "Transfer to other data controllers" section. However, the data may be processed and stored for a longer period in anonymized form.



We use cookies on our website. You can read more about the use of cookies in our Cookie Policy.



We have implemented security measures to ensure that our internal procedures meet our high security policy standards. Accordingly, we strive to protect the quality and integrity of your personal data.


Your rights

You are at any time entitled to be informed of the personal data about you that we process, but with certain legislative exceptions. You also have the right to object to the collection and further processing of your personal data including profiling/automated decision-making. Furthermore, you have the right to have your personal data rectified, erased or blocked. Moreover, you have the right to receive information about you that you have provided to us, and the right to have this information transmitted to another data controller (data portability).


Withdrawal of consent

You may, at any time, withdraw any consent you have given and we will delete your personal data, unless we can continue the processing based on another purpose. If you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact us at 


Links to other websites etc.

Our website may contain links to other websites or to integrated sites. We are not responsible for the contents of the websites of other companies or for the practices of such companies regarding the collection of personal data. When you visit other websites, you should read the owners' policies on the protection of personal data and other relevant policies.


Amendment of data etc.

If you want us to update, amend or delete the personal data that we have recorded about you, wish to get access to the data being processed about you, or if you have any questions concerning the above guidelines, you may contact us at ___ You may also write to us at the following address:


SEMIHUMAN / Forem, Ltd.
Šeimyniškių str. 21-7
Vilnius, Lithuania

Cookie Policy

On our website, we use cookies in accordance with this cookie policy. Owner information:

SEMIHUMAN Ideas Think Tank

(legal name "Forem", Ltd)
Rotušės a. 16-7A, LT-62141
Alytus, Lithuania

VAT no.: LT100014133910
Phone: +370 62211141


What is a cookie?

Cookies are used by almost all websites and are in many cases necessary to provide a specific service on the website. ___ A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the user's IT equipment (such as a PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) allowing the website to recognize the device. Cookies may for instance be used for the purpose of preparing statistics of the users' website use and for optimization of website contents. A cookie is a passive file and cannot collect information from the user's computer or spread computer viruses or other harmful programs. ___ Some cookies are placed by websites (third parties) other than the one stated in the browser's address line (the URL). The contents of such cookies may be of a general nature, but they may also be, for example, analytical tools or embedded comment fields. This means that cookies are stored by parties other than the one owning the website. ___ Some cookies are created temporarily and expire at the end of the user session when the browser is closed (session cookies). Other cookies are stored on the user's IT equipment for a longer period of time (persistent cookies). When the user revisits a website, new session cookies will be placed in the temporary memory, whereas a persistent cookies will be renewed.


Cookies at

On we use cookies to analyze how our website is used and to enhance and simplify your visit. Furthermore, we use cookies to execute orders in our webshop. ___ The information provided in the statistics is anonymous and cannot be used to identify named users. ___ We migh use the following types of cookies: Cookie, Purpose, Session cookie, Store users' shopping activity during visits to the site. This enables us to keep the basket intact.


Persistent cookies

Collect statistics on when the user has visited the website as well as information about the websites from which the users generally visit the site from and which websites they generally proceed to. ___ In addition, the following third parties place cookies on Cookie, Purpose, Google Analytics, collect information about how the visitors use the site. ___ This information is aggregated into reports that help us understand how to improve the site. Double Click. Collect information about how the users engage and interact with advertisements displayed on other sites and which advertisement they prefer. ___ Facebook. Track the information about how users interact with advertisements presented by Facebook. ___ Back In Stock. Store information regarding your session which supports the functionality of signing up to receive a message once an out-of-stock item is back in stock.


How to delete/decline cookies?


How to delete or decline cookies depends on your browser. ___ If you use a PC, you may delete cookies by using the shortcut keys [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[Delete]. ___ If this does not work, or if you use, for example, a MAC computer, you must click on the link in the browser you use:


Why do we provide information about cookies?

All Lithuanian websites are under the obligation to inform users about the cookies placed on the user’s IT equipment.



If you have any questions regarding this cookie policy, you may contact us at

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