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Cloud Planet

Reimagining the corporate whitepaper to introduce the strategic partnership.




In 2021, Amadeus decided to move more than 400 high-performance applications from its data centers to the Microsoft Azure cloud. __ 

This move is the single greatest technology transformation in Amadeus’s history. The change directly affected the whole range of stakeholders: current and future clients, contractors, and employees from junior software developers to C-level executives. Amadeus needed to reach them all.


How can we make the whitepaper about Amadeus and Microsoft partnership appealing to wide audiences?

As an industry standard, these kinds of technological projects are communicated through whitepapers.  ██  The problem is that technical whitepapers, written in an academic style, read like a dry manual, and are meant for professionals with specific knowledge.


Cloud Planet - a new space for innovation.

We turned a boring corporate whitepaper into a colorful travel guidebook, which takes readers to a new place where the potential of the Cloud can be explored.  ___


Furthermore, reading the whitepaper becomes a journey by itself. Using visual storytelling, each chapter of the guidebook represents a different aspect of ‘Cloud Planet’ that is linked to a specific topic of Amadeus-Microsoft’s partnership and the exciting future vision of the travel industry.


’Cloud Planet’ became a visual metaphor for the new innovation space. A story that captures the imagination, at the same time delivering information to the reader. 


The first announcement about Amadeus-Microsoft’s partnership was made at the ‘World Aviation Festival’ on the 1st of December 2021 in London. Following this, a communication campaign was implemented through various Amadeus-owned and shared channels, in combination with an effort to engage relevant media and targeted social media ad campaigns. ___


70+ pieces of coverage globally

256M+ traditional media reach

50% more content downloads

3x more website visits

2000+ employee shares

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