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Amadeus has the travel industry’s best data scientists and technology, however, this hasn't been effectively communicated to the world, nor Amadeus people. __

Amadeus operates in more than 190 markets, employs more than 19 thousand people of 150 nationalities, and processes hundreds of millions of bookings every year. 

Chief of Traveology



How could Amadeus showcase its data science capabilities and technology in an interesting way?

Often, talks about data are complex and boring. Therefore, people have no interest to learn more about it or understand the value it brings. 


Shin Walker - the human face of travel data. 

Real travel data was used to create a person that exemplifies Amadeus's skills, technology, and power of data analytics. A team of data scientists analyzed 3.4 billion rows of flight booking data from the past two years. The use of AI and advanced machine learning algorithms created a face from a database of 10,000 images. In a world where analytics can seem sterile and dry, Shin captures the human spirit of data. ██


Positioned Amadeus as a leader in the data and analytics space for the travel industry, with a focus on the capabilities of the Amadeus Airline Platform. Amadeus stood out as a desirable employer for the next generation of data scientists. 


Gold in ADC*LT

Shortlisted ADC*EU

Creating a virtual person who's been everywhere to facilitate cultural change.



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