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  • Edmundas Puckorius

Ten Walls

"Music is the thing that you have no plan for. Just flow." ___ Electronic music producer / DJ / Name: Marijus Adomaitis / Vilnius / Lithuania.

What happens in the process when you start creating?

For me creativity you know what it is… When I am asked if I go for let's say a walk, I answer that I really don’t hug any trees, and I don’t talk to birds. It is the initial sound that you press and modulate, and you play with it and form it into some kind of character. Some kind of persona. And you stick to it. It is architecture, it is the same design, it is art.

How much effort do you put into your creativity?

All myself. I’m all myself. Absolutely. One hundred percent I’m there. I have been living in the studio for half a year now. Because there’s my Playstation, my MNX, my friends, and the studio. You can go there to fall asleep anytime, or to work anytime. There is my pantry, as I call it, seventy square meters and six meters high.

But you don’t classify the music, as if there’s work here, or something else?

It never has been such a perception in my life when I am being told to “go to work”, sometimes it passes me and I don’t even hear it, because work, well it’s not work, it’s creation, it’s a gift from God, I thank him for that.

When someone hears your work, one will always realize that it is Ten Walls. How would you describe your style, your sound?

Maybe the cinematic sound and the background itself, because I’m very sensitive to colors. I also like dry music when there are really dry moments. Even if Afro such as House music tracks, where everything is built on percussions, but there is no musicality. The truth is I am more of a representative of a dramatic side. I don’t want to call the genre, because now Melodic Techno has emerged, as a new style. It’s funny, but it doesn’t matter So yes, I’m a Melodic Techno artist.

How much do you absorb the environment into your music?

I’m always inspired by games, I’m endlessly inspired by games. In reality, I’m not one of those people who like walking. You will never meet me on the street. On the street, in the old town, you will never meet me. I play, I play a lot. And it inspired me a lot.

How important is a good soundtrack in a game?

Essential. Look, there’s the music industry, now I’m walking about money, there’s the cinema industry and then there’s the game industry, where it sells some six hundred million copies of let’s say GTA on the first night. And it’s not two euros for a single song, it costs seventy, eighty USD. It’s a very big business.

Could you say that your music is a reflection of your best qualities?

Yes. That would be the answer.

What does light mean to you? Figuratively.

The light? Understand me – actually, I’m not an eye person. I am an ear-person. I could tell a lot about the ears and the music itself.

Do you often capture moments with sound in your head as you see?

Yes. But often these are the moments of the past. For example, when I go back to my sixteen-year-old period, or when I remember some other stage of my life. But it’s not that catchy moment when I am inspired to create a new piece, and I’m already running toward it… No, there are no such things. It is flowing in every way. Music is the thing that you have no plan for. Just flow.


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