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  • Edmundas Puckorius

Sibilë x Mauras

"We don't do big events, we always aim for coziness." ___ DJs / the duo are head hosts of the "Pretty Much" tribe / Vilnius / Lithuania.

Imaginarium _ 2022

What is the "Pretty Much" community?

Sibilë: It's a cute little sect.

Why sect?

Sibilë: We're joking. It's more of an inside joke. We have small rituals and traditions, sometimes jokingly calling ourselves that. Maybe it even looks like that from the outside. Dressing up, grinning... It's just a space for people to feel themselves.

Mauras: And create.

How did "Pretty Much" start?

Sibilë: It started with my birthday party, which was inspired by another friend's little festival for friends. Then somehow Domas invited us to play "12 Inches". We set up a stage. Domas and I got ready to play, and Domas was playing from Youtube.

Mauras: Yes, that's how it started.

Sibilë: Then we somehow decided that we had to do an afterparty. And then we wanted to do it again and again, and again. And then, gradually, everything just took off.

Mauras: Indeed. We started 5 years ago, and this autumn we celebrated the 5th birthday of "Pretty Much".

How important is the DIY element for your community?

Mauras: It's probably the essence.

Sibilë: Yes. For us, preparation isn't just about expression, it's about the process itself. We sit down, do things together, and come up with ideas, not necessarily directly related to parties.

Mauras: With time, the team expands. It all started with the two of us doing everything. But very soon, more and more friends joined in. Maybe we've lost count now, but "Pretty Much" probably has around 30-50 people.

Sibilë: Not everyone can contribute every time. Naturally, different people participate in different events. During the biggest festivals, most people join in, such as during the "Imaginarium", our main event of the year.

What's the sound of "Pretty Much"?

Sibilë: I would say that the spectrum is very wide, depending on the space and time of the event. But we probably say that we want to bring a lighter aura, not necessarily in a musical sense, but in terms of atmosphere. To share with others.

Mauras: In a musical sense, "Pretty Much" unites not only the two of us but a whole bunch of other very nice DJs. The musical spectrum ranges from house to techno, from light to dark.

Sibilë: Even cheesy selections by the river. There really is everything.

Why was the daytime dance concept successful within "Pretty Much"?

Sibilë: Because we like to communicate.

Mauras: Because we don't do big events, we always aim for coziness. We also have quite a large community. Therefore, we can do even very unpopular formats, but people will show up.

Sibilë: Whether there will be 10 or 50 of us, or if friends of friends come and there will be 150 of us, we will still have fun together. Preparing together, chatting, and getting to know each other. I think people appreciate it...

Does the "Pretty Much" community have a finite size?

Sibilë: Definitely not. Sometimes we try to have more closed gatherings. But at the same time, we are all very open to new acquaintances and new ideas arise from those new acquaintances. Also, maybe someone had a child and was away for a while... You know, then we might think about starting a kindergarten. We joked that we should all start a retirement home for our friends, also. Half-jokingly and half-seriously.


Stay tuned ____

◤  We believe in a transformative force of night culture.  ___  Its clarity of thought can lead to profound ideas.

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