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  • Edmundas Puckorius


"Techno, like other genres, has an infinite number of sounds." ___ DJ / electronic music producer / aka. Savana / Vilnius / Lithuania.

How has your performance changed after COVID?

Yes, I feel a big difference. Before the quarantine, I always put off creating music, in fact, a lot of time, but on the other hand, maybe I hadn't grown up yet and hadn't found my own sound path. It was during the quarantine that I started creating and paying closer attention to it. That's probably the biggest difference. Also, during the quarantine, I started digging more 90s techno. I want to expand my collection with older tracks, maybe mixing one or two tracks from very old times. I really like to awaken the listener's nostalgia. I think it's important.

Why do you think old tracks are relevant?

I observe various world DJs and learn from them. Sometimes, it's hard for me alone to say what's really needed today or what's interesting. It's more of a trend that I notice from my DJ icons.

Would you allow yourself to play a selection like what you played at Antidote during a party?

Probably not most of the time, but that's not a bad thing because not all DJs get to play in such places often. For example, in a place like Ignalina nuclear power plant, it would be difficult for me to play intensively because it requires atypical sounds. Otherwise, I like to play faster. Some like to call my tracks pop techno, but I wouldn't agree because there are many more pop or business techno-sounding tracks.

In what unique places have you had similar experiences?

I have, it would be Poland. I played in an abandoned, old church. It was big and elongated, and the entire scene was elongated. Behind us were stained glass windows, and there were many stones around. It gave me a lot of feelings.

How much does techno depend on the environment?

Techno, like other genres, has an infinite number of sounds. For me, it seems like it can be played in different ways. For example, melodic or dub techno on the beach, I think it wouldn't sound heavy and it would be light. I think it's really possible.

Do you plan on making music in the future?

Yes. Even now, it's clear that I play less and sit more in the studio trying to answer the question for myself. However, up to now, it's not 100% formulated what Samanta's tracks are. I'm still discovering myself, although I know 80% of myself and what my sound is. I know I definitely won't give up.


Stay tuned ____

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