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  • Edmundas Puckorius

Monika Seta

"DJs are such artists and it's not just what kind of music we play, but also what we are like when we play it." ___ DJ / promoter from Dance In Chaos community / Vilnius / Lithuania.

How do you approach your performances?

It's best if I start early - at least a week or two. Even if I do play not that often. Very often I play the first one at the party, which is probably what I like the most and what I am accustomed to the most. And if I'm warming up a foreign artist that I like, I try to imagine how he or she plays. Maybe how he or she will play. I listen to his/her set. This is basically my preparation routine.

And on the day I play, I try to sleep. And, to be fair, I like not talking to anyone for a couple of hours before the set, regardless of whether I'm playing first or at the end of the party. I simply have to charge my energy. Because, you know, when you go to play, you really give a lot of yourself. If you're tired, sleep deprived, or even if you don't have energy, it's going to turn out bad, regardless of what the atmosphere was like or whatever. DJs are such artists and it's not just what kind of music we play, but also what we are like when we play it.

And in what ways do you recharge your energy?

Very simply - sleep, sleep, vitamins. It's a very good thing for me. I recommend all DJs drink magnesium because it helps to feel good. I take magnesium all the time, I sleep, and sometimes I spend a little time with myself, with my thoughts, breathing exercises really help, and, of course, a good daily routine. But sleep is really the first love.

How do you categorize your music of choice?

I think I used to know earlier, but now I am so attached to that warmup DJ label. Around 3 years ago I didn't even sort music above 120 BMP because I knew nobody would book me. I am not sure if one can play slowly both in the middle of the party and at the end of it. At least that's how it's done here, that if the party is in full swing, we play fast or faster. I didn't even sort music above 120 BMP and I only recently started. The most important thing is, as my colleagues and I say, to have a groove, because after all, in the club, people should dance first, so you should help them do that.

What does it mean for you to perform on top of the MO museum, in the middle of Vilnius's old town?

Vilnius is my favorite city. At least in Lithuania - for sure, even though I'm from Klaipėda. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It's really cool to see the whole city and try to combine the entire picture with the music selection.


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