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  • Edmundas Puckorius


"I like music that affects feelings and emotions." ___ DJ / electronic music producer / founder of "Skalbiankė" / name: Martynas Prevelis / Vilnius / Lithuania.

How would you introduce the music you play in one word?

I couldn't do it in one word. It's always changing, both the music I search for and the music I play. Recently, I looked back at my music from 2015 and 2016. Everything was heard and remembered, but it had a completely different narrative than it does now. I don't know a single word that could describe my music. If I had to answer, I could say that I'm looking for interesting music, but that's a very generic answer.

How far are you now from your first performances?

Both far and not far. It's hard to say because the first music wasn't very unique or profound. Now, I know many more channels and networks, and I have certain established ways of searching for music. All circumstances allow me to find music that may not even be heard here. I remember the first parties I played at had tech house music that I wouldn't find in my playlist now. Although... My music may not be mostly "breaks", but I find a lot of myself in it. Now, I think my music is more intricate. I like music that affects feelings and emotions.

What is the future of your music creation?

I don't want to release too much music, so that the releases don't end up like garbage, unappreciated, and not listened to, because eventually, they will get boring if you release something every week or every month. Right now, it's not profound, so I'd probably drown in a sea of releases, which was especially prevalent during the pandemic. I want to polish and make something that I myself will like.


Stay tuned ____

◤  We believe in a transformative force of night culture.  ___  Its clarity of thought can lead to profound ideas.

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