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  • Edmundas Puckorius

Alex Krell

"Alex Krell will always be about techno." ___ DJ / electronic music producer / name: Aleksas Krell / Vilnius / Lithuania.

Will Alex Krell be playing house and disco in 5 years?

No, no, no - that certainly won't be the case. I promised myself that Alex Krell will be a techno project, a techno name, because techno, personally for me, is the music that is in my heart. I listen to everything, but that doesn't mean I will be playing house in 5 years. Maybe under a different name, also, maybe I would like more mystery... I'm not saying no, but Alex Krell will always be about techno.

What is your current techno sound?

I don't stick to the label. I like to improvise, I like to create my own sound and I don't have any rules. Techno is about being very diverse. You can create and play it however you want. That's why I don't have strict rules, I don't classify myself into a genre or subgenre, I just play and create what my ear likes. What I feel could move the dance floor.

What are the needs of the dance floor now?

There used to be a rule that the DJ has to adapt to the audience and play according to the audience. I do the opposite. I like the crowd to adapt to me. Of course, it could be that after a few minutes, some people will leave because they don't like it, but I think if someone comes to the club, they already come knowing what they want. In more commercial clubs, the DJ has to adapt to the people because there is a diverse audience, but for example, in the Kablys club, the listener knows why they came and what they will listen to. Then it's automatically more interesting to play, knowing that the audience reacts to what you're playing and gives their energy to you.


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