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artifact of the pandemic paradox

(1) In an AI-dominated world, society will accelerate its learning from past experiences. (2) Majority, of people will desire to live forever. __ Humans are moving towards a more resilient and mindful future.


◤ JEWELRY-19 _ the first jewelry line crafted by a glassblower who contains COVID-19 positive. It encapsulates the spirit of human resilience in the face of a modern-day pandemic.

Each piece captures the essence of the virus, using a technique that reveals inflated air bubbles, creating a visible reminder of our triumph over adversity. ___ The intricate process of glassblowing, combined with the use of a special powder, results in ethereal objects with longitudinal air cavities - a testament to our ability to transform chaos into harmony.


160 EUR



Product size

Product weight

29 x 29 x 10 mm

0.017 kg


Vilnius, EU

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Package size

85 x 85 x 28 mm, paper box

Get a memory of humanity's triumph over COVID-19.

To create the piece, an artist blew a somewhat elongated object with a longitudinal air cavity inside. Additionally, a special powder was used, which induced a unique "bubbling" reaction, enhancing the visual effect. ___ To produce the piece, a relatively elongated object containing a longitudinal air cavity was blown. Furthermore, a unique powder was utilized, which triggers a specific "bubbling" reaction while the glass remains extremely hot.

Ideal for (1) memento gatherers, (2) fashion collectors, and (3) clever gift seekers.

Crafted by expert glass blowers and artist. Created in partnership with Laura Raine Jewelry.

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