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Be  brave. 

         Invest 10% in the unknown for unlocking the highest ROI. __

    Otherwise, pardon us, your marketing portfolio is diversified wrong. 

                 Ideas incubation.

Transform challenges into breakthroughs.

◤  We are a team of independent creatives specializing in bold business ventures. _____ We’re good at bringing brave ideas to brands, especially when they are stuck or looking for a booster. 

What we do

Using a creative capital model and interdisciplinary approach we aim for projects with a high potential of a lucrative ROI  ██  in awareness, brand image, or people's attention.

For companies, individuals, and brands, who understand the value of experiments. >> 

Connect with us and in a 30/60 min introductory meeting, we'll explain the value in detail.  ██ 

◤ Simply put, we take your marketing, brand or general challenge, and bring out-of-the-box experimentation which leads to better numbers on your balance sheet.

 Various projects with:

Amadeus IT Group


Telia Lietuva

GO VIlnius




Arctic Adventures

Alna Software

SPA Vilnius




Montauk Brewery

UNO Parks

JA Europe

Antidote Community

Lithuanian council for culture

Augmented America >> █

2 _ Ideation

3 _ Design

This is where the incubation of the idea happens. We venture into uncharted territories from diverse creative perspectives, nurturing and developing the best ideas. ___ Our endeavor results in the creation of 2 to 4 concepts that tackle your specific challenge.

The final stage of incubation is delivery. ___ We present our insights in a comprehensive discussion, illuminating the process, the developed ideas, and potential avenues for future expansion. A detailed digital project guidebook accompanies our findings.

Ideas Incubation

1 _ Discovery

At the beginning of our incubation process, we dive deep into your biggest challenges. ___ Our collaborative discussion includes the context, targeted impact, and all relevant information.

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