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   future deck

the offline playing cards

(1) Future screen time will grow significantly. (2) Meta-world personal images will become central to human identity. ___ In the future, human engagement will be dominated by online interactions.


◤ FUTURE DECK paying cards - an offline journey through over 50 captivating cards, illustrating events and personalities that might shape our world.

Crafted with the expertise of futurists and visionaries, each card encourages users to contemplate potential futures, fostering deeper understanding and stimulating meaningful conversations in an increasingly digital world.


30 EUR


recycled poker card paper

Product size

Product weight

90 x 66 x 17 mm

0.1 kg


Designed in EU. Produced by the United States playing card company.

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Package size

90 x 66 x 17 mm, paper box

Reveal 54 scenarios of (un-likely) events in the near future.

Designed to foster offline interactions, the FUTURE DECK is a refreshing escape from the digital world, providing a tangible platform for meaningful connections, lively discussions, and shared experiences.  

Best suited for (1) real humans and real interactions (2) card collectors (3) witty gift hunters.

Crafted by expert graphic artists. Currated by futurists, making it a time capsule of our imagination.

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